The Tipp-Kick

Designed in Germany since 1924, this board game offers two players to compete on a miniaturized football field (scale 1/100). Each cap has a goalie, a field player and 2 half-time of 5 minutes to score as many goals as possible. The simple rules of the game (about 5 lines), the sturdiness of the material (white metal figures guaranteed 2 years) and the intensity of the parts make this game timeless and sporty. 
True intergenerational game, the TIPP-KICK is practiced from 7 years and without age limits? The rules can be learned in a few minutes, visitors to Tee'Voli Park can get started between two games of Mini-golf Football to complete a digestive walk at the Tee’s Lounge or use a rainy day to play away from the bad weather. 
Playing at the TIPP-KICK allows you to develop your dexterity, taste the conviviality of an intergenerational (mini)tournament, challenge your friends or colleagues, complete a “birthday formula” at Tee'Voli Park, train for a TIPP-tournamentKICK, to take care sportily while waiting for the resumption of the championship or the return of the sunny days. All the youngest and/or most active of our visitors, TIPP-KICK 1:1 foam balls are at your disposal on the Babyfoot Golf track… 
Several rental packages are available at the Tee'Voli Park, but the TIPP-KICK kits, action figures and materials are still available in our online shop or can be rented to provide entertainment during your events, parties, activities, etc. Contact us now !
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