The Minigolf Football

This «made in France» game designed by URBAN FOOTBALL GOLF combines the popular concept of mini-golf with that of Football Golf. A weighted football serves as a golf ball and large metal bogeys (50cm diameter) replace the traditional golf holes. The 9-hole course takes 1 or 2 hours depending on the rhythm of the players and plays with the relief, vegetation and (romantic) ruins of the site. 
Accessible to all audiences, minigolf football or mini football golf does not have any particular physical conditions or technical skills. The game is still accessible to seniors and people with reduced mobility. Families can enjoy the game from 2 people and accompanied children under 12 years. Groups for birthdays, seminars and bachelors will be welcome, but only by prior reservation
This original and new game in the Vosges will offer players a moment of conviviality in family around an outdoor activity, playful and in an exceptional natural setting. Guides and onlookers can enjoy the «Tee Salon» at the Rotunda to enjoy a snack or try out at the TIPP-KICK. The youngest ones who celebrate their birthday will be able to invite their whole class since tickets are free from 8 players in this formula. Groups (birthdays, seminars and a girl/boy town funeral) can change in complete safety, convenience and comfort thanks to the two changing rooms available. 
Football Golf tickets can be purchased remotely and in advance via our online ticketing service or directly at the Tee Room reception at Tee'Voli Park. Reservations for birthdays, groups or bachelors/bachelor parties will be made directly via our contact form, email address or phone. The course is open every weekend from Easter to All Saints' Day and every day during the school holidays summer. 
Would you like to privatize the Tee'Voli Park course for a sporting event, a company party or an association meeting ? You can reserve the park for an evening, a day or even a weekend on the date of your choice. Other services can also be offered: catering, entertainment, night games… Do you want to implement the URBAN FOOTBALL GOLF concept on your pitch or site ? We are the exclusive distributor of the UFG concept for the Nord-Est quarter of France : contact us !
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